2022 Most Innovative Program

The City’s Harbor Department Code Enforcement Division was recognized as the “2022 Most Innovative Program” at the recent California Association of Code Enforcement Officers annual conference.

The Code Enforcement team was recognized for:

  • Encouraging boaters to follow safe boating practices and harbor rules and regulations.
  • Collaborating efficiently with Harbor Department colleagues who patrol the Harbor and identify, document and address unsafe boaters and violations of local, state and federal laws.
  • Use of technology and equipment unique to the harbor environment, including water-resistant computers and cameras, noise meters and specialized safety equipment.
  • Development of department and division policies, procedures and training programs to support the City’s municipal code regulations that apply to the harbor.
  • Development of outreach programs and materials for the public and community stakeholders.
  • Removing more than 75 abandoned or inoperable vehicles from the harbor with state grant funding.

Code Enforcement staff patrols Newport Harbor daily to prevent or correct violations, which can include dilapidated, inoperable or abandoned vessels; lack of compliance with the terms and conditions of permits issued to various harbor users; public nuisances such as noise, water quality and trash; commercial charters and boat rental businesses operating without permits or licenses; boating safety violations; or sea lions damaging vessels and docks.

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The fires in Maui and Hurricane Idalia in Florida serve as recent reminders that disasters can strike at any time. Throughout September, which has been designated as National Preparedness Month, the City of Newport Beach will highlight some of our emergency preparedness tools and practices, along with educational resources for residents to become better prepared.

If you are new to emergency planning, or could use a refresher, a great place to start is the “Newport Beach Ready” Emergency Preparedness Guide produced by our Fire Department. The guide contains critical information on water and food storage, building an emergency kit, evacuation checklists, basic first aid, animal preparedness, and tips on what to do in specific events.

Newport Beach City Council members, joined by state and county elected representatives, held a ceremonial groundbreaking event on Friday, Sept. 15 to kick off construction of the Newport Bay Trash Interceptor, a sustainably powered system to collect floating trash before it enters the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, Newport Harbor and beaches.

Newport Harbor Pirates Cove

Newport Beach, known for its pristine beaches and picturesque harbors, has long been committed to preserving its natural resources. To further increase the City’s ability to monitor and maintain water quality in Newport Harbor, the City’s Harbor Department recently deployed two state-of-the-art water quality sensing buoys, or DataPods, in the harbor.