Newport Beach City Manager Update:

Harbor Dept. Deploys State-of-the-Art, Real-Time Water Quality Monitors

By Guest Contributor Grace Leung, Newport Beach City Manager – Sept 01, 2023

Source: Newport Beach Independent – Newport Beach City Manager Update: Lifeguard 100th Anniversary, Labor Day

Grace Leung, Newport Beach City Manager

Grace Leung, Newport Beach City Manager

Newport Beach, known for its pristine beaches and picturesque harbors, has long been committed to preserving its natural resources. To further increase the City’s ability to monitor and maintain water quality in Newport Harbor, the City’s Harbor Department recently deployed two state-of-the-art water quality sensing buoys, or DataPods, in the harbor.

The water quality sensing buoys, developed by Clean Earth Rovers, are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows for real-time monitoring of water quality data essential for maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

The DataPod buoys are equipped with advanced sensors that can detect and report changes in water quality in real-time, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection. The gathered data is transmitted via cellular signal to a central computer system monitored by the Harbor Department.

With the ability to continuously monitor and collect data on key water quality metrics such as temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and pH levels, City staff can address any issues more quickly and effectively.

Water quality in Newport Harbor is of paramount importance, both for recreation and the health of marine life. This data-driven approach will significantly enhance the City’s ability to maintain and improve Newport Harbor’s water quality.

Source: Newport Beach Independent – Newport Beach City Manager Update: Lifeguard 100th Anniversary, Labor Day

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